Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean
Polyurethane, Easy Clean

Polyurethane, Easy Clean


Range of easy clean infusion stands with five leg design and low centre of gravity to assist stability


  • Five leg base with low centre of gravity to assist stability
  • 25mm diameter stainless steel upright
  • Polyurethane overmoulded base with smooth edges & contours provides
  • A water resistant finish, allowing for easy & effective cleaning (including steam cleaning)
  • A shield for the twin- wheel castors
  • Impact protection to patients & staff, reducing the risk of skin abrasions & bruising
  • Protection to the fabric of the building
  • Coloured indicator caps provide department identification & segregation, reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Height adjustable upright using a handwheel (1260 - 2100mm)
  • Available with two/four pigtail hooks
  • Maximum recommended load
  • Hooks - 4kg per stand
  • Fixed Upright - 4kg per stand
  • Optional handle keeps feet clear of the base, whilst also assisting manoeuvrability & improving patient safety
  • 50mm polypropylene/thermoplastic rubber twin-wheel non- marking castors (1 x anti-static)


  • Meets appendix A (Stability Requirements) of BS 3619:1976 Mobile Infusion Stands


  • 620 x 620 x 1260-2100mm

  • Base - Grey
  • Coloured Indicator Cap - Spearmint
  • Upright - Stainless Steel

Bristol Maid: Manufacturer and distributor of Infusion Stands & Accessories and other medical furniture since 1953. An approved NHS and public sector supplier, our equipment can be found in hospitals throughout the UK and internationally.


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IS/P/2H/SP Two Hook, Spearmint Cap7.8kg
IS/P/2H/BL Two Hook, Blue Cap7.8kg
IS/P/2H/GR Two Hook, Green Cap7.8kg
IS/P/2H/RD Two Hook, Red Cap7.8kg
IS/P/2H/YE Two Hook, Yellow Cap7.8kg
IS/P/4H/SP Four Hook, Spearmint Cap7.9kg
IS/P/4H/BL Four Hook, Blue Cap7.9kg
IS/P/4H/GR Four Hook, Green Cap7.9kg
IS/P/4H/RD Four Hook, Red Cap7.9kg
IS/P/4H/YE Four Hook, Yellow Cap7.9kg
IS/P/2H/H/SP Two Hook, Handle, Spearmint Cap8.2kg
IS/P/2H/H/BL Two Hook, Handle, Blue Cap8.2kg
IS/P/2H/H/GR Two Hook Handle, Green Cap8.2kg
IS/P/2H/H/RD Two Hook Handle, Red Cap8.2kg
IS/P/2H/H/YE Two Hook Handle, Yellow Cap8.2kg
IS/P/4H/H/SP Four Hook, Handle, Spearmint Cap8.3kg
IS/P/4H/H/BL Four Hook, Handle, Blue Cap8.3kg
IS/P/4H/H/GR Four Hook, Handle, Green Cap8.3kg
IS/P/4H/H/RD Four Hook, Handle, Red Cap8.3kg
IS/P/4H/H/YE Four Hook, Handle, Yellow Cap8.3kg
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