Zinc Chrome Racking - Olympic®
Zinc Chrome Racking - Olympic®
Zinc Chrome Racking - Olympic®

Zinc Chrome Racking - Olympic®


Chrome finish stationary modular shelving and racking. Open wire design minimises dust accumulation and assists with circulation of air. No tools shelf adjustment using a simple release mechanism


  • Zinc Chrome shelving & racking system
  • Open wire design shelves allowing for the free circulation of air, improved visibility & light penetration
  • Chromate posts & shelves with a patented no tools tapered slit sleeve system that snaps together on each post, adjustable in 25mm increments
  • Available as stationary or mobile units
    • Stationary - Fitted with adjustable feet to allow levelling on uneven floor
    • Mobile - Fitted with 125mm swivel/braking castors
  • Shelf Widths - 610mm*
  • Shelf Lengths - 914, 1066, 1219 & 1524mm*
  • Shelf Capacities
    • 914, 1066, 1219mm - 364kg
    • 1524mm - 273kg
  • Rack/Unit Capacities
    • Stationary - 907kg
    • Mobile - 339kg
  • Label holders available for clear identification of items
  • Fully configurable with dividers & ledges
  • 1 year performance warranty on shelves and posts
  • Delivered for self-assembly

    *other non standard sizes available on request

Bristol Maid: Manufacturer and distributor of Shelving & Racking Solutions and other medical furniture since 1953. An approved NHS and public sector supplier, our equipment can be found in hospitals throughout the UK and internationally.


Label Holders
qwikTRACK® & Top-Track® - High Density Storage (Polymer & Chrome)
Shelf Dividers
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Code Description Weight Shelf Size, mm and inches Shelves Type Enquiry
8O536C 4 Shelf, Static, 1590mm High30.0kg914 x 610mmFourStatic
8O546C 4 Shelf, Static, 1590mm High33.6kg1066 x 610mmFourStatic
8O556C 4 Shelf, Static, 1590mm High35.6kg1219 x 610mmFourStatic
8O966C 4 Shelf, Static, 1590mm High44.4kg1524 x 610mmFourStatic
85O537C 5 Shelf, Static, 1895mm High36.7kg914 x 610mmFiveStatic
85O547C 5 Shelf, Static, 1895mm High41.2kg1066 x 610mmFiveStatic
85O557C 5 Shelf, Static, 1895mm High43.7kg1219 x 610mmFiveStatic
85O967C 5 Shelf, Static, 1895mm High54.7kg1524 x 610mmFiveStatic
8O536CM 4 Shelf, Mobile, 1730mm High34.6kg914 x 610mmFourMobile
8O546CM 4 Shelf, Mobile, 1730mm High38.2kg1066 x 610mmFourMobile
8O556CM 4 Shelf, Mobile, 1730mm High40.2kg1219 x 610mmFourMobile
8O966CM 4 Shelf, Mobile, 1730mm High49.0kg1524 x 610mmFourMobile
85O537CM 5 Shelf, Mobile, 2035mm High41.3kg914 x 610mmFiveMobile
85O547CM 5 Shelf, Mobile, 2035mm High45.8kg1066 x 610mmFiveMobile
85O557CM 5 Shelf, Mobile, 2035mm High48.3kg1219 x 610mmFiveMobile
85O967CM 5 Shelf, Mobile, 2035mm High59.3kg1524 x 610mmFiveMobile
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