Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets

Polymer Bedside Cabinets



  • Developed as part of Design Bugs Out & evaluated by the Department of Health
  • Manufactured from recyclable polyethylene offering good surface protection against liquid stains & heat marks
  • Open backless design ensures that all areas are accessible
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy & effective cleaning
  • Distinct upper, middle & lower zones
    • Upper - Nurse zone with integral rim to contain any spillages. Ideally positioned for staff to use while standing
    • Middle - Patient zone provides storage area for patient use
    • Lower - Patient zone provides shelf for washbowl, footwear etc.
  • Drawers can be inserted from either side enabling the cabinet to be positioned on either side of the bed
  • Upper & middle drawers can be fitted with an RFID lock, providing secure storage for patient medicines/property*
  • Large 100mm twin wheel castors with easily accessible brakes

    *cabinets with locks are supplied with one patient card - a programming card will be required per ward/directorate as per hospital policy.


  • BS 3962 Part 6:1980 - Assessment of resistance to mechanical damage
  • BS EN 12720:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to cold liquids
  • BS EN 12721:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to wet heat
  • BS EN 12722:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to dry heat
  • BS 5852:2006 - Methods of the test for assessment of the ignitability
  • BS 4875-7:2006 - Domestic & contract storage furniture


  • Body - Grey White
  • Drawers - Spearmint

Bristol Maid: Manufacturer and distributor of Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables and other medical furniture since 1953. An approved NHS and public sector supplier, our equipment can be found in hospitals throughout the UK and internationally.


Lock Cards
Code Description Weight Enquiry
EBC015 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - No Locks29.0kg
EBC020 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Upper Drawer With Lock29.1kg
EBC025 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Middle Drawer With Lock29.1kg
EBC030 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Upper & Middle Drawers With Locks29.2kg
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