Security of Medicines & Controlled Drugs

Legislation dictates that all ‘Health-Care Premises’ ensure that their Drugs and Medicines are stored in cabinets which comply with relevant standards or regulations.

Drugs and Medicines, with the exception of Controlled Drugs must be stored within cabinets that comply with BS2881:1989. This standard details the security requirements and testing procedures necessary to ensure compliance. Our ‘PC’ range of cabinets fully complies with level one of this standard.

The storage of Controlled Drugs is an area that is often misunderstood, for many years there has been the belief that Controlled Drugs should be stored in ‘a cupboard within a cupboard’. Whilst this will provide an additional deterrent and improve the level of security, the principal requirement is that the cabinet that is being used to store the Controlled Drugs must meet the requirements of the ‘Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973’.

This regulation details very clearly the gauge of steel, type of lock, construction method and the way in which the cabinet is secured to the wall and, unless local (hospital) policy dictates otherwise, whether it can be wall mounted independently of any other cabinet.

Our ‘CD’ range of cabinets exceed these requirements, whilst the ‘MS’ range provides an even greater level of security, constructed using a heavier gauge steel, reinforced lock and multiple point locking. This range has been independently tested attaining Sold Secure ‘Silver Accreditation’ a Nationwide recognised security standard, making it ideal to be used in areas where it is perceived that there is a greater risk of attack, i.e. located in unmanned areas for long periods of time.

Where additional controls are required ABLOY® CLIQ™ Remote integrates electronics into mechanical cylinders and keys, providing a security solution that can be managed remotely.

Please contact us for more information on our extensive range of Drugs & Medicines Cabinets or the unique ABLOY® CLIQ™ Remote system.

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