The Bristol Maid™ product range has an enviable reputation for meeting the demands of healthcare professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

We believe our success is attributable to working together in direct partnership with the medical community and achieving a better understanding of the problems they face working within their own environment.

This enables us to deliver an effective solution that always meets and often exceeds our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Two examples where we have recently been involved are…

Design Bugs Out

An initiative commissioned by the Department of Health, NHS Purchasing & Supply Agency and the Design Council, which challenged designers and manufacturers to redesign furniture with the aim of reducing “Healthcare Associated Infections” (HCAI’s), a topic that has and continues to attract a high level of publicity in the UK and throughout the World.

This led to the company teaming up with external designers Kinneir Dufort to develop a novel polymer bedside cabinet where all surfaces are readily accessible making it easy and efficient to clean.

Now standardised in many hospitals and throughout various Trusts, the hugely successful bedside cabinet launched the start of the eCleanTM range. Now available with a co-ordinating overbed table, a range of infusion stands, a commode and a patient chair, the new ‘EasyClean’ brand has raised the bar in market leading innovative healthcare furniture used everyday within the medical world.

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Developed as a result of DOME, a three year project that brought together a multi-disciplinary team of designers, psychologists and clinicians to tackle the problem of medical error in hospital wards, (Designing Out Medical Error).

Through hundreds of hours of research, the bed-space was identified as being an area of high risk, with many of the items required such as aprons, gloves, alcohol hand gel, disposable wipes, drugs & medicines and a flat surface for documents scattered around different locations on the ward.

The CareCentre™ locates all important, frequently used items at the end of every bed, streamlining workflow, improving efficiency & encouraging compliance with the aim to ‘Release Time To Care’.

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We recognise that customer involvement is crucial and invaluable in a new or existing product’s development. We welcome all suggestions and ideas that assist in the development of innovative solutions that deliver improved patient care. If you are interested in partnering with Bristol Maid™, please contact us with your enquiry.

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