Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric Chairs



  • Deep CMHR foam
  • Vinyl or fabric upholstery
    • Vinyl - Fire retardant & antimicrobial
    • Fabric - Fire retardant
  • Steel or beech four leg frames
    • Steel - Powder coated
    • Beech - Varnished
  • Maximum capacity 315kg

Bristol Maid: Manufacturer and distributor of Bariatric Equipment and other medical furniture since 1953. An approved NHS and public sector supplier, our equipment can be found in hospitals throughout the UK and internationally.


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Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Seat Height Enquiry
5670/VBB Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Bristol Blue920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VAQ Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Aquamarine920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VFR Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Flame Red920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VGH Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Graphite920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VSD Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Sand Dune920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VOB Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Onyx Black920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VLI Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Lime920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VCH Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Chocolate920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VCB Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Coastal Blue920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/VPE Bariatric, Steel Frame, Vinyl, Peach920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FRD Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Red920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FFX Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Fox920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FOS Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Oasis920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FAC Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Aztec920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FKR Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Kingfisher920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FRA Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Riviera920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FLO Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Largo920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FCT Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Cobalt920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FGE Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Granite920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5670/FBK Bariatric, Steel Frame, Fabric, Black920 x 600 x 885mm15.8kg500mm
5671/VBB Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Bristol Blue844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VAQ Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Aquamarine844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VFR Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Flame Red844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VGH Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Graphite844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VOB Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Onyx Black844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VSD Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Sand Dune844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VLI Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Lime844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VCH Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Chocolate844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VCB Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Coastal Blue844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/VPE Bariatric, Beech Frame, Vinyl, Peach844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FRD Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Red844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FFX Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Fox844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FOS Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Oasis844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FAC Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Aztec844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FKR Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Kingfisher844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FRA Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Riviera844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FLO Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Largo844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FCT Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Cobalt844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FGE Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Granite844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
5671/FBK Bariatric, Beech Frame, Fabric, Black844 x 580 x 890mm16.0kg490mm
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