Stainless Steel, Standard Level, Double Column
Stainless Steel, Standard Level, Double Column
Stainless Steel, Standard Level, Double Column
Stainless Steel, Standard Level, Double Column

Stainless Steel, Standard Level, Double Column


Range of double column procedure trolleys. Features a one piece welded frame, removable plastic top and side panels to assist cleaning. Avaliable with a range of tray configurations with removable dividers. Carerails fitted to either side support a wide r


  • Standard level double column easy clean procedure trolleys
  • Designed for quick & easy complete disassembly when conducting thorough or deep cleaning programmes (including steam cleaning)
  • Seamlessly welded one piece frame from 304 grade stainless steel (requires no on-site assembly)
  • One piece moulded top with raised edges on three sides and integral rim at the front to contain any spillages (max load 30kg)
  • One piece moulded side panels incorporate runners with positive stops, preventing trays from being accidentally withdrawn
  • Carerails fitted to each side of the trolley to support a wide range of accessories (see options)
  • 100/150mm deep translucent high impact plastic trays feature an integral handle with plastic clip on label cover, (max load per tray 5kg)
  • Each trolley is supplied with perforated coloured label strips (white, blue, green, yellow & red)
  • Trays can be subdivided in both length & width using simple slot in dividers (each tray supplied with 2 x long & 2 x short dividers)
  • Polyurethane ring buffers offer protection to both the trolley & fabric of the building; smooth surfaces assist cleaning
  • 100mm pressed steel castors, 2 off braking


  • 1005 x 550 x 993mm


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Additional Label Strips
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Code Description Weight Enquiry
CTS2/10/3S6D 3 x 100mm, 6 x 150mm trays46.6kg
CTS2/10/4S5D 4 x 100mm, 5 x 150mm Trays46.2kg
CTS2/10/5S4D 5 x 100mm, 4 x 150mm Trays45.9kg
CTS2/10/6S4D 6 x 100mm, 4 x 150mm Trays47.3kg
CTS2/10/8D 8 x 150mm Trays45.8kg
CTS2/10/8S2D 8 x 100mm, 2 x 150mm Trays46.6kg
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