Single Column, Easy Clean
Single Column, Easy Clean
Single Column, Easy Clean
Single Column, Easy Clean

Stainless Steel

Single Column, Easy Clean


Range of single column procedure trolleys. Features a one piece welded frame, removable plastic top and side panels to assist cleaning. Avaliable with a range of tray configurations with removable dividers. Carerails fitted to either side support a wide r


  • Single column easy clean procedure trolley, designed for improved and complete cleaning (including steam cleaning)
  • Seamlessly welded one piece frame from 304 grade stainless steel (requires no on-site assembly)
  • Quick and complete removal of top and side panels provides access to all areas for cleaning
  • Recessed plastic top (max load 30kg)
  • Moulded side panels incorporate runners with positive stops, preventing trays from being accidentally withdrawn
  • ‘Carerail’ fitted to each side of the trolley to support a wide range of accessories (see options)
  • 100/160mm deep translucent high impact plastic trays with integral handle (max load per tray 5kg)
  • Each tray is supplied with plastic clip on label cover & four removable dividers (2 x long & 2 x short)
  • Each trolley is supplied with perforated coloured label strips (white, blue, green, yellow & red)
  • 100mm castors, 2 off braking


  • 500 x 500 x 950mm

  • Stainless Steel


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Code Description Weight Enquiry
ECT110NH1S3L 1 x 100mm, 3 x 160mm Trays23.7kg
ECT110NH3S2L 3 x 100mm, 2 x 160mm Trays24.2kg
ECT110NH4L 4 x 160mm Trays24.3kg
ECT110NH4S1L 4 x 100mm, 1 x 160mm Trays23.5kg
ECT110NH6S 6 x 100mm Trays24.1kg
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