Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs
Bariatric Chairs


Bariatric Chairs



  • Deep moulded foam
  • Choice of vinyl or fabric upholstery
  • Vinyl - Fire retardant & antimicrobial
  • Fabric - Fire retardant
  • Stable four leg or cantilever design
  • Black finish tubular frame
  • Maximum capacity 315kg


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Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Seat Height Adjustment Enquiry
5663/VBB Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Bristol Blue690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VAQ Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Aquamarine690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VFR Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Flame Red690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VGH Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Graphite690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VOB Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Onyx Black690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VSD Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Sand Dune690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VLI Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Lime690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VCH Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Chocolate690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VCB Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Coastal Blue690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/VPE Four Leg, Bariatric, Vinyl, Peach690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FRD Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Red690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FFX Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Fox690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FOS Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Oasis690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FAC Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Aztec690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FKR Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Kingfisher690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FRA Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Riviera690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FLO Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Largo690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FCT Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Cobalt690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FGE Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Granite690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5663/FBK Four Leg, Bariatric, Fabric, Black690 x 670 x 1005mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VBB Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Bristol Blue580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VAQ Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Aquamarine580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VFR Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Flame Red580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VGH Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Graphite580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VOB Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Onyx Black580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VSD Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Sand Dune580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VLI Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Lime580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VCH Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Chocolate580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VCB Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Coastal Blue580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/VPE Cantilever, Bariatric, Vinyl, Peach580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FRD Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Red580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FFX Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Fox580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FOS Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Oasis580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FAC Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Aztec580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FKR Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Kingfisher580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FRA Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Riviera580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FLO Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Largo580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FCT Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Cobalt580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FGE Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Granite580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
5664/FBK Cantilever, Bariatric, Fabric, Black580 x 730 x 940mm22.0kg485mm
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