Bariatric Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 610/710mm
Bariatric Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 610/710mm
Bariatric Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 610/710mm


Bariatric Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 610/710mm


Bariatric folding wheelchair, featuring a lightweight frame with rigid folding mechanism for improved stability. Patient/user comfort & mobility is improved through adjustable rear wheel positioning.


  • Powder coated chromium molybdenum steel frame
  • Rigid folding mechanism
  • Low seat height to assist access
  • Viscoelastic foam cushion with two way stretch vapour permeable incontinence cover and non-slip base
  • Padded push handles to assist the attendant/porter
  • Puncture proof wheels & castors
  • Parking brakes as standard/optional disc brake for improved control
  • Side/width adjustable polyurethane moulded footrests, 100kg capacity


  • Silver/Black


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Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Capacity Enquiry
5X-0100-061-000/K Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 610mm850 x 1100 x 990mm27.0kg325kg
5X-0100-071-000/K Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx, 710mm950 x 1100 x 990mm27.5kg325kg
5X-0109-061-000/K Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx Disc, 610mm850 x 1100 x 990mm28.0kg325kg
5X-0109-071-000/K Folding Wheelchair - Minimaxx Disc, 710mm950 x 1100 x 990mm28.5kg325kg
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