Variable Height, Easy Clean
EBS005 - shown with optional stainless steel bowl 2MECO079
Variable Height, Easy Clean
Variable Height, Easy Clean
Variable Height, Easy Clean

Variable Height, Easy Clean



  • Heavy duty steel base with seamless polyurethane over moulding
  • Provides a flexible tear & water resistant finish, whilst also providing impact protection to the fabric of the building
  • Defined edges & contours ensure that all key surfaces are accessible, allowing for easy & effective cleaning
  • Height adjustment from 753-1100mm using a handwheel
  • Bowl retaining rings fitted with removable anti-static spiral buffers to support bowls
  • Suitable for use with 360mm diameter stainless or polythene bowls (order separately)
  • Polymer 50mm twin wheel castors shielded from fluid (1 x anti-static)


  • Stainless steel, grey overmoulding (available in blue, red, green, yellow)


Polythene Bowl
Stainless Steel Bowl
Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Enquiry
EBS005 Variable Height, Single BowlEMPTY FIELD
EBS010 Variable Height, Double BowlEMPTY FIELD
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