Large Trolley
Large Trolley
Large Trolley
Large Trolley

Large Trolley



  • Suitable for use with our popular narrow & wide filing pockets (order separately)
  • Available as open or with locking lids
    Open sides, lower shelf & work flap
    Locking lids & lower shelf
  • Locking lids fitted with either a
    CAM lock (supplied with 2 keys)
    Electronic push button lock
  • Maximum load on lid 2.0kg
  • Document pocket fitted to end/side of trolley
  • Optional ring buffers to protect the fabric of the building (increases length & width of trolley by approx. 80mm)
  • 100mm pressed steel castors


  • Paint - Spearmint/Grey
  • Lids/Flaps - Spearmint


Ring Buffers
Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Document Rack Filing Capacity Narrow Filing Capacity Wide Enquiry
MR400 Open Sides, Lower Shelves & Work Flaps1158 x 584 x 997mm28.0kg2 940mm760mm
MR410 Locking Lids & Lower Shelf, CAM Lock1240 x 522 x 1056mm46.4kg2 940mm760mm
MR410CL Locking Lids & Lower Shelf, Electronic Push Button Lock1240 x 522 x 1056mm46.4kg2 940mm760mm
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