Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets


Range of key cabinets. Keys retained on fixed position hooks and provided with a self-adhesive data strip to support an identification label. Fitted with a single point locking CAM lock


  • Cabinets for control and tracking of keys
  • Available with either a CAM (2 keys) or an electronic push button lock
  • Adjustable hook bars to accommodate different key lengths
  • Removable control index for out of hours peace of mind
  • Colour coded hook bars and tags ensure quick identification, (both numbered)
  • Provided with security seals and loops to secure keys that require evidence of tampering or removal


  • Paint - Grey


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Code Description Overall Dimensions Weight Enquiry
SKC20 20 Keys185 x 80 x 260mm2.0kg
SKC30 30 Keys215 x 80 x 305mm3.0kg
SKC35 35 Keys245 x 80 x 320mm3.5kg
SKC48 48 Keys300 x 80 x 355mm4.0kg
SKC64 64 Keys300 x 80 x 450mm5.0kg
SKC100 100 Keys380 x 80 x 550mm8.0kg
SKC20/CL 20 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock185 x 80 x 260mm2.0kg
SKC30/CL 30 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock215 x 80 x 305mm3.0kg
SKC35/CL 35 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock245 x 80 x 320mm3.5kg
SKC48/CL 48 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock300 x 80 x 355mm4.0kg
SKC64/CL 64 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock300 x 80 x 450mm5.0kg
SKC100/CL 100 Keys, Electronic Push Button Lock380 x 80 x 550mm8.0kg
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