Mild Steel, 450mm Deep
"DTMR450, DTMR600"
Mild Steel, 450mm Deep

Removable Shelves

Mild Steel, 450mm Deep



  • Seamlessly welded mild steel frame
  • Available with fl at or reversible 304 grade stainless steel shelves,
  • cushioned on anti-static spiral buffers (removable for cleaning)
  • Reversible shelves offer the end user an option of having a fl at
  • shelf or shelf with three upturned sides
  • Shelf heights 405 & 870mm
  • Max load per shelf 40kg
  • 75mm antistatic castors


    Paint - White


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Code Description Weight Enquiry
DTMR/450 Two Flat Shelves, Small11.5kg
DTMR/450/DRW350/R Two Flat Shelves, Small18.3kg
DTMR/450/DRW350/R/DRW350 Two Flat Shelves, Small24.2kg
DTMR/600 Two Flat Shelves, Medium16.0kg
DTMR/600/DRW260/R Two Flat Shelves, Medium24.2kg
DTMR/600/DRW350/R Two Flat Shelves, Medium22.8kg
DTMR/600/DRW260/R/DRW260 Two Flat Shelves, Medium31.5kg
DTMR/600/DRW350/R/DRW350 Two Flat Shelves, Medium28.7kg
DTMR/450/SR Two Reversible Shelves, Small11.5kg
DTMR/450/SR/DRW350/R Two Reversible Shelves, Small18.3kg
DTMR/450/SR/DRW350/R/DRW350 Two Reversible Shelves, Small24.2kg
DTMR/600/SR Two Reversible Shelves, Medium16.0kg
DTMR/600/SR/DRW260/R Two Reversible Shelves, Medium24.2kg
DTMR/600/SR/DRW350/R Two Reversible Shelves, Medium22.8kg
DTMR/600/SR/DRW260/R/DRW260 Two Reversible Shelves, Medium31.5kg
DTMR/600/SR/DRW350/R/DRW350 Two Reversible Shelves, Medium28.7kg
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