Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets
Polymer Bedside Cabinets

Polymer Bedside Cabinets



  • Developed as part of Design Bugs Out & evaluated by the Department of Health
  • Manufactured from recyclable polyethylene offering good surface protection against liquid stains & heat marks
  • Open backless design ensures that all areas are accessible
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy & effective cleaning
  • Distinct upper, middle & lower zones
      • Upper - Nurse zone with integral rim to contain any spillages. Ideally positioned for staff to use while standing
      • Middle - Patient zone provides storage area for patient use
      • Lower - Patient zone provides shelf for washbowl, footwear etc.
  • Drawers can be inserted from either side enabling the cabinet to be positioned on either side of the bed
  • Upper & middle drawers can be fitted with an RFID lock, providing secure storage for patient medicines/property*
  • Large 100mm twin wheel castors with easily accessible brakes
    *cabinets with locks are supplied with one patient card - a programming card will be required per ward/directorate as per hospital policy.


  • BS 3962 Part 6:1980 - Assessment of resistance to mechanical damage
  • BS EN 12720:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to cold liquids
  • BS EN 12721:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to wet heat
  • BS EN 12722:2009 - Furniture assessment of surface resistance to dry heat
  • BS 5852:2006 - Methods of the test for assessment of the ignitability
  • BS 4875-7:2006 - Domestic & contract storage furniture


  • Body - Grey White
  • Drawers - Spearmint


Lock Cards
Code Description Weight Enquiry
EBC015 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - No Locks29.0kg
EBC020 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Upper Drawer With Lock29.1kg
EBC025 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Middle Drawer With Lock29.1kg
EBC030 Polymer Bedside Cabinet - Upper & Middle Drawers With Locks29.2kg
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