Hospital Metalcraft policy is to minimise any negative environmental impacts associated with its operations and continually improve its environmental performance.

Policy is realised through maintaining compliance with current environmental legislation, remaining alert to legal developments and implementing further improvements where opportunities exist.

Particular arrangements include:

WEEE Regulations

Hospital Metalcraft is fully compliant with the WEEE regulations and is registered as a Business to Business (B2B) Producer of electrical and electronic equipment through membership of the Veolia Environmental Services WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme, registration number WEE / KE0677RX.

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Packaging Waste Regulations

Hospital Metalcraft is fully compliant with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations and is a member of the Veolia Environmental Services Packaging Compliance Scheme, membership number 0292.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Regulations, (CRC)

Hospital Metalcraft has made an Information Disclosure on the CRC Registry as an Information Declarer, registration number CRC7188499.


Waste reduction is achieved through effective planning and, thereafter, waste streams are segregated to achieve regulatory compliance, optimise recycling opportunities and reduce the volume of waste consigned to landfill.

Product Recycling

Bristol Maid product is designed and manufactured to minimise environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. Customers are encouraged to dispose of ‘end of life’ product in accordance with applicable regulations and to maximise recycling opportunities wherever possible.


Hospital Metalcraft recognises the importance of responsible forest management and selects FSC certified suppliers for the provision of timber based product, i.e. paper, wood etc.

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